Download DepEd Prescribed Electronic Self-Assessment Tool (e-SAT) for Teachers

DepEd to launch Electronic Self-Assessment Tool (e-SAT) for Teachers in SY 2023-2024

In response to inquiries from educators, the Department of Education (DepEd) has confirmed that the development of the much-anticipated Electronic Self-Assessment Tool (e-SAT) is currently underway. The e-SAT is set to be officially launched during the upcoming school year, SY 2023-2024, coinciding with the commencement of Phase I (Performance Planning and Commitment) of the Results-Based Performance Management System (RPMS) cycle.

"The development of the e-SAT is ongoing. We target to release the official e-SAT this coming school year SY 2023-2024 in time of the conduct of Phase I (Performance Planning and Commitment)," responded via Live c/o Mam Liz during the National Orientation on Multi-Year RPMS-PPST and the Use of Electronic IPCRF for Teachers on July 22.

Click this link to access the live Q&A during national orientation:

The e-SAT, a digital adaptation of the traditional Self-Assessment Tool for RPMS, is an essential instrument for evaluating teacher performance. The e-SAT empowers teachers to identify their strengths and areas for improvement throughout the RPMS cycle by facilitating self-reflection and providing a structured approach to assessing competencies.

The tool is designed to be user-friendly, allowing educators to navigate the platform and complete the self-assessment process efficiently. Teachers can clarify performance expectations, set goals, and determine which competencies to prioritize for professional growth.

The e-SAT will be pivotal in guiding discussions between teachers and school principals. By evaluating their performance using the tool, teachers will gain valuable insights into the RPMS indicators that require enhancement and areas where coaching and mentoring may be beneficial.

The DepEd's commitment to providing educators with practical tools for professional development remains steadfast, and the introduction of the e-SAT aims to elevate further the quality of teaching and learning experiences in schools nationwide.

As educators eagerly await the official launch of the e-SAT in SY 2023-2024, DepEd assures its continuous efforts to enhance the teaching profession and support teachers in their journey towards excellence.

Currently available for informal self-reflection purposes, the e-SAT for the current school year, SY 2020-2021, is already accessible to educators.

DepEd Prescribed Electronic Self-Assessment Tool (e-SAT) for Teachers - DOWNLOAD

Stay tuned for further updates as the official release of the e-SAT draws closer, promising a more comprehensive and dynamic approach to fostering teacher growth and success in the Philippines' educational landscape.

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