Electronic Self-Assessment Tool (e-SAT), SY 2020-2021

Electronic Self-Assessment Tool (e-SAT), SY 2020-2021

The Self-Assessment Tool is a common tool for assessing teacher performance. The Electronic Self-Assessment Tool (e-SAT), SY 2020-2021 is an electronic version of the Self-Assessment Tool for RPMS.

The ELECTRONIC SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL (e-SAT), SY 2020-2021 can be used as a starting point for informal purposes of self-reflection to clarify performance expectations and determine which competencies to focus on.
The ELECTRONIC SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL (e-SAT), SY 2020-2021 can also be used to monitor the progression or improvement of teacher competencies and validate if the interventions provided are effective.

The ELECTRONIC SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL (e-SAT), SY 2020-2021 can guide discussions about goal-setting and professional development needs.

Teachers should assess their own performance prior to the beginning of the year (Performance Planning and Commitment) and reflect on their performance throughout the RPMS Cycle. The results of the self-assessment will guide the Principal and the teacher on which RPMS in dicators teachers must improve and on what areas they need coaching and mentoring.

The Self-Assessment Tools-RPMS (SAT-RPMS) comprise two different self-assessment questionnaires within the RPMS designed for Teacher I-III and Master Teacher I-IV to reflect on the different performance indicators that relate to their professional work. It is meant to support teacher performance and professional development. There are two SAT-RPMS: 1) SAT-RPMS for Teacher I-III; and 2) SAT-RPMS for Master Teacher I-IV.

Each school will receive an electronic file of the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT). The Principal will assign you, as the ICT Coordinator, to be in-charge of the management, administration and collection of the e-SAT data during the RPMS Cycle.

You will set up the e-SAT and assist the teacher in accomplishing it and in printing the data. You will collect the data and assist the Principal in generating summary results. The e-SAT may be administered using one or more computers. In medium and big schools, you may set up as many computers as needed.

e-SAT SY 2020-2021


Electronic Self-Assessment Tool (e-SAT), SY 2020 - 2021 - DOWNLOAD
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All RPMS-PPST Forms and Tools officially released by DepEd BHROD can be accessed in the link: http://bit.ly/RPMSPPST20202021.

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