Individual Plan for Professional Development(IPPD) Guide and Tools

Individual Plan for Professional Development(IPPD) Guide and Tools

Professional development in the education sector plays a crucial role in ensuring that educators stay competent, engaged, and equipped with the latest knowledge and skills necessary for fostering better student outcomes. In collaboration with AusAID-funded project STRIVE, EDPITAF, and various educational divisions, the Individual Plan for Professional Development (IPPD) Guide and Tools have been developed and validated. This comprehensive guide aims to empower educators, including school heads and teachers, to take charge of their continuous learning and growth, aligning their goals with those of the school, division, and region.

Understanding Professional Development

Professional development in education encompasses a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional growth, focusing on enhancing competencies, work performance, and attitudes. It integrates the individual professional's goals with those of the educational institution to create a conducive environment for better student outcomes. These activities encompass various approaches, from independent study and supported learning to collective action and formal programs. For professional development to thrive, it must be deeply embedded in the vision, strategic plan, and organizational structure of the school, division, and region, with strong leadership and support.

The Importance of an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPPD)

At the core of effective professional development lies the Individual Professional Development Plan (IPPD). This plan acts as a roadmap for educators to continually enhance their skills and knowledge. It is designed in a way that ensures regular preparation, implementation, monitoring, and updating by each professional. The IPPD is based on a Training and Development Needs Assessment (TDNA), identifying specific development needs relevant to the profession while aligning with the school, division, and region's priority development goals.

The Purpose of the IPPD

The primary purpose of the IPPD is to enable educators to set goals and plan learning activities that will enhance their competencies and ultimately contribute to the improvement of their school's performance and students' achievements. By creating a structured IPPD, educators take individual accountability for their professional growth while contributing to the overall development of the educational institution.

Guiding Principles for Developing an IPPD

To ensure the effectiveness of the IPPD, educators must adhere to several guiding principles:

1. Alignment: The IPPD must align with the mandated functions and competency standards for the profession, results of training needs assessment, and the priority development goals of the school, division, and region.

2. Goal Focus: The IPPD's primary goal should be centered around improving school effectiveness and enhancing learning outcomes for students.

3. SMART Standards: The IPPD goals and objectives must adhere to the SMART criteria:
   - Specific and focused on learners and school priorities
   - Measurable progress and accomplishments through monitoring and evaluation
   - Attainable and results-oriented
   - Relevant strategies appropriately connected to goals and objectives
   - Time-bound within targets, yet flexible for revisions and updates

4. Andrological Approach: Development strategies within the IPPD should follow the andrological (adult learning) approach and methodology, proven effective in achieving professional growth goals and objectives.

5. Job-Embedded Process: The IPPD should be an inherent and continuing course of action, closely linked to the practice of the profession.


IPPD Form 1 – Teacher's Individual Plan for Professional Development

IPPD Form 1 – Teacher's Individual Plan for Professional Development Template (IPPD) - DOWNLOAD

IPPD Form 1 – Teacher's Individual Plan for Professional Development Sample (IPPD) - DOWNLOAD

IPPD Form 3 – Self- Monitoring Check Template (MS Word) - DOWNLOAD

IPPD Form 3 – Self- Monitoring Check (PDF) - DOWNLOAD

Here's an example of accomplished Individual Plan for Professional Development (IPPD).

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