Updated IPCRF-DP and Monitoring Forms - MOV for PPST 7.5.2

Updated IPCRF-DP from Phase II - MOV for PPST 7.5.2

(PPST 7.5.2) Set professional development goals based on the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers 

This feature article delves into the significance of the IPCRF-DP in conjunction with PPST 7.5.2 and the accepted means of verification (MOV) that underscore its importance.

PPST 7.5.2: Setting Professional Development Goals

PPST 7.5.2 is a pivotal component of the PPST framework. It empowers teachers to envision their growth as educators and set professional development goals aligned with the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers. These standards encompass competencies and practices that enable teachers to foster a conducive learning environment, promote student success, and hone their teaching skills. By embracing PPST 7.5.2, educators embark on a journey of self-improvement, continually refining their methods and approaches to achieve excellence in teaching.


The Updated Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form - Development Plan (IPCRF-DP) from Phase II plays a crucial role in helping teachers realize their professional development goals. Serving as a personalized roadmap, the IPCRF-DP enables educators to chart their progress and identify areas for improvement. By aligning their objectives with the PPST 7.5.2, teachers can cultivate a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, fostering a commitment to lifelong learning.

Set professional development goals based on the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers Means of Verification

The accepted means of verification (MOV) for PPST 7.5.2 includes certification from the ICT Coordinator, School Head, or Focal Person in charge of e-SAT which provides external validation of the teacher's development journey. The Mid-year Review Form (MRF) serves as a checkpoint, allowing educators to reflect on their achievements and make necessary adjustments to their IPCRF-DP.

The Updated IPCRF-DP from Phase II acts as a tangible document reflecting the teacher's commitment to professional growth. It showcases the efforts taken to align personal development goals with the PPST 7.5.2, affirming the dedication to fostering an effective learning environment

Download samples and templates of the accepted Means of Verifications (MOV):

Certification from the ICT Coordinator in charge of e-SAT




IPCRF-DP from Phase II


Mid-year Review Form (MRF) for T1-T3


Mid-year Review Form (MRF) for MT1-MT4


Performance Monitoring and Coaching Form


Individual Plan for Professional Development (IPPD)


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