DepEd reveals solution to 'overloading' of teachers

DepEd reveals solution to 'overloading' of teachers

The Department of Education (DepEd) revealed a solution to the 'overloading' of teachers. According to DepEd, it would act on the complaints of many teachers with overload or handling many sections.

DepEd Spokesman Michael Poa said they are aware of the said problem as it has also reached them that there are schools with too many teachers.

So the solution, he said, is to transfer the extra teachers to schools with overloaded teachers.

"Diyan naman po sa teachers, we understand the situation, actually it was the topic in the mancom this week, mayroon po talaga mga teachers na medyo loaded, meron din schools na mayroong excess," said Poa.

As for the teachers, we understand the situation; it was the topic in the MANCOM this week; there are indeed teachers who are a bit loaded; there are also schools that have an excess," said Poa.]

The DepEd official explained that the fastest thing they will do is to transfer teaching staff.

"Doon po sa schools na may excess na teaching staff ay subject to rules on transfer, kung papayag po sila, we transfer these teachers doon sa may kakulangan,' the spokesperson added.

"In schools with excess teaching staff are subject to rules on transfer; if they agree, we will transfer these teachers to those with a shortage," the spokesperson added.


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Required number of work hours per day of teachers

Public School Teachers must work six hours per day according to CSC Resolution No. 080096, DepEd Order 291, s.2008, and DepEd Order 16, s. 2009. Suppose a teacher has rendered the 6 hours of classroom teaching duly reflected in his daily time record; he shall be considered to have completed the required number of work hours per day and must not be declared to have incurred under time.

The remaining two (2) hours of work may be spent within or outside the school premises to comply with the eight-hour workday by engaging in teaching-related activities and duties like preparation of lesson plans and instructional materials, checking of outputs, and others. All advisership and/or special assignments for the entire school year combined shall be considered as one teaching load

Master Teachers designated as Subject Group Heads shall be given at least 3 and not more than 5 teaching loads alongside their supervisory work.

Only full-time teachers who have been given less than 6 teaching loads may be designated for Learner Support functions. No teacher may be given less than 3 teaching loads. Should there be no teachers with less than 6 teaching loads, Learner Support functions may be designated to other members of the school staff.

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