Status update of the new promotions scheme for teachers

Status update of the new promotions scheme for teachers

The Department of Education (DepEd) will soon implement a new policy for recruitment, selection, promotion (ESF) for teachers that will no longer require the use of Equivalent Record Form (ERF).

The new policy know as the Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST) will enable teachers to be promoted to higher positions based on their attainment of set competencies rather than waiting for a vacancy like in the present set-up.

In line with the new professional standards for teachers, DepEd, through the Teacher Education Council (TEC) issued a DepEd Order fcontaining the guidelines on the National Adoption and Implementation of the Philippine Professional Stamdards for Teachers (PPST).

"The DepEd recognizes the importance of professional standards in the continuing professional development and achievement of teachers based on the principle of lifelong learning. It is commiteted to supporting teachers, and taking cognizance of unequivocal evidence that good teachers are vital to raising student achievement. Quality learning is contingent upon quality teaching. Hence, enhancing teacher quality becomes of utmost importance for long term and sustainable nation building." said DepEd Order No. 42, s. 2017.

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Based on  DepEd Order No. 42, s. 2017. the PPST shall be used for the selection and promotion of teachers. All performance appraisals for teachers shall based on this set of standards.

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