PBB 2018 Status Update as of February 15

PBB 2018 status update as of February 15

"Is it true that our long overdue delayed PBB 2018 will be released this Monday?"
This article is in response to the questions we received from Deped Tambayan Facebook group members regarding the grant of Performance Based Bonus (PBB) 2018 if it is true that it will be released this Monday (February 17).

As per confirmation from Department of Education (DepEd) official on Saturday regarding the Facebook post on February 12 regarding the release of PBB on Monday that went viral, it is not true that PBB will be released on Monday.

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"As of his date it is not yet clear if DepEd is PBB eligible or not," said source.

As we checked the said post it was not directly stated that the said PBB will be released on Monday.

PBB 2018 status update as of February 2 

The Department of Education (DepEd) is still waiting for the announcement - official letter- if the agency is Performance Based Bonus (PBB) eligible or not.

The Department of Education (DepEd) expressed hope that the agency will be eligible for the grant of 2018 Performance Based Bonus (PBB) after submitting their requirements.

Annalyn Sevilla, DepEd Undersecretary for Finance Service and Education Programs Delivery Unit said that the agency is still waiting for the announcement - official letter- if the agency is PBB eligible or not.

“The evaluation of eligibility for PBB for DepEd is still ongoing. So far, so good, because we haven’t received an official letter from DBM (Department of Budget and Management) saying we are not eligible,” Sevilla said.

PBB is a top-up bonus to be given to employees based on their contribution to the achievement of their department or agency's targets and commitments.

Sevilla noted that in 2017, the DepEd was “not eligible” for the grant of PBB. However, the teachers were exempted, and, they were able to receive the PPB, but all other positions in the DepEd did not receive it.

“For now, we have submitted the requirements and we are waiting for the official announcement on eligibility,” Sevilla said.

“We really do hope (that we are eligible) because we made sure that the 2017 was a lesson learned and in 2018, hopefully we are eligible,” Sevilla added.

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