Updated List of Benefits, Privileges and Incentives of Teachers Under the New SSL 2019 and other Laws

Updated 2020 List of Benefits, Privileges and Incentives of Teachers Under the New SSL 2019 and other Laws

Here is the updated List of Benefits, Privileges and Incentives of Teachers under the new Salary Standardization Law (SSL) V signed by President Rodrigo Duterte, Magna Carta for Teachers, Civil Service Commission (CSC) Issuances and other existing laws.

  1. Clothing/Uniform Allowance - P6,000
  2. 14th Month Pay / Mid-year Bonus -1-month basic salary, tax free
  3. 13th Month Pay / Year-end Bonus -1-month basic salary, tax free
  4. Cash gift - P5,000
  5. Enhanced Performance-Based Bonus (PBB)
  6. Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI) - P5,000, tax free
  7. Uniform/ Clothing Allowance - P6,000
  8. Personal relief economic allowance (PERA) - P2,000 monthly
  9. Anniversary Bonus - P3,000 (every milestone year)
  10. Cash / Chalk Allowance- P3,500
  11. Proportional Vacation Pay (PVP)

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  1. Retirement Benefits
  2. One step increment for every three (3) years
  3. Loyalty Cash Gift (P1,000 per year of service)

  4. Special Hardship Allowance
  5. Leave privileges (Maternity, paternity, study leave)
  6. In-service training (Program Support Fund)
  7. Study Leave (up to one year paid leave)
  8. Salary Increase upon retirement (one range salary raise upon retirement)
  9. Maternity/ Paternity Leave
  10. Parental Leave (for solo parents) - seven (7) working days per year
  11. Sick Leave with pay - to be charged agains service credits
In addition to the vacation, sick, maternity and paternity leave, officials and employees with or without existing or approved Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA), except teachers and those covered by special leave laws, are granted the following special leave privileges subject to the conditions here under stated:

  1. Funeral or Mourning Leave (nearest relative)
  2. Hospitalization leave
  3. Graduation Leave (for spouse and children)
  4. Accident leave
  5. Enrollment leave
  6. Relocation leave
  7. Wedding/anniversary leave
  8. Government transaction leave
  9. Birthday leave
  10. Calamity leave

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