Certificate of Good Moral Character No Longer Required for Enrollment

Certificate of Good Moral Character No Longer Required for Enrollment

The Department of Education (DepEd) continues to update and streamline its enrollment policies to ensure accessibility and inclusivity for all students. Despite the clear guidelines in multiple Department Orders, some public schools still require a Certificate of Good Moral Character for admission or enrollment. This article aims to clarify the current policies and encourage adherence to national standards.

The Certificate of Good Moral Character requirement has been officially removed since DO 54 's issuance. 2016. Since then, several additional policies have reinforced this change:
- DO 54, s. 2016: The requirement for enrollment for the Certificate of Good Moral Character was officially removed.
- DO 3, s. 2018: Reiterated the removal and provided further details on required documents.
- DO 32, s. 2021: Emphasized inclusive education and updated enrollment procedures.
- DO 35, s. 2022: Introduced mechanisms for remote enrollment, reflecting the ongoing adjustments due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Clarifying Enrollment Requirements
Per DO 3, s. 2018, the following documents are required for student enrollment:
1. Report Card (Form 9): Essential for tracking student progress and ensuring they are placed in the appropriate grade level.
2. Birth Certificate: Required for incoming kindergarten and Grade 1 students, transferees, and passers of the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) and the Alternative Learning System (ALS) Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) Test. A photocopy is acceptable; if unavailable, a three-month grace period is provided for submission.
3. Certificate of Good Moral Character: No longer a requirement. All students are welcome to enroll; character formation programs are integrated within schools.
4. Remote Enrollment: Schools must provide options for remote enrollment if in-person submission is not feasible, as outlined in DO 35, s. 2022.
All public schools should adhere to these national policies. Schools continuing to require the Certificate of Good Moral Character should update their procedures to reflect the current guidelines. Non-compliance may result in unnecessary barriers for students seeking education.

Schools should refrain from insisting on outdated requirements; they should read the guidelines about enrollment for clarification.

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what if the transferee, they need a good moral cert?