Clothing allowance (U/CA) to be released in 2 tranches

Clothing allowance (U/CA) to be released in 2 tranches

Per Section 58 of the General Provisions of General Appropriations Act (GAA) 2024, an amount not exceeding Seven Thousand Pesos (Php 7,000.00) is authorized for the payment of the FY 2024 UNIFORM OR CLOTHING ALLOWANCE (U/CA).

However, on April 1, 2024, SDO Quezon City realeased a division memorandum informing that the availability of allotment for the said benefit is only Six Thousand Pesos (Php 6,000.00). Therefore, the grant of uniform/clothing allowances in this divison shall be in two tranches: the first tranche is worth Php 6,000.00 which will be released not earlier than the first day of April 2024 subject to availability of Notice of Cash Allocation (NCA); and the second tranche is worth Php 1,000.00 which will be released immediately upon issuance of the DBM Guidelines and availability of NCA.

Also in the memo it was stated that DBM Budget Circular No. 2018-01 dated March 8, 2018, specifies the rules and regulations on the grant of the benefit.

" All qualified personnel under the Schools Division Office Proper, Elementary Schools, Non-Implementing Units Junior High Schools, and Senior High Schools shall be sourced out from SDO Proper Personal Services Allotment,' the memo reads.

"All qualified personnel whose payroll are under the Implementing Units (IUs) shall be sourced out from school's Personal Services allotment," the memo stated.

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