DepED amends School Calendar for SY 2023-2024

DepED amends School Calendar for SY 2023-2024

To prioritize the well-being and safety of learners and educators, the Department of Education (DepEd) has released DepEd Order No. 003, s. 2024 amending the school calendar for the School Year 2023-2024.

Aligned with the core tenets of the MATATAG Agenda, which underscores the importance of fostering a positive learning environment and promoting inclusive education, DepEd has responded to the collective feedback from educators, students, and stakeholders. This feedback, garnered through extensive consultations, alongside the findings of a comprehensive study by the Philippine Normal University (PNU), titled "Analysis of the Basic Education School Year Calendar in the Philippines: Inputs to Policy" (PNU, 2023), has led to a resounding call to revert to pre-pandemic norms gradually.

Key revisions to DepEd Order No. 022, Series of 2023, include:
  • Adjustments to the end of the school year (EOSY).
  • The deliberation of awards and recognition.
  • The EOSY break.

The amended calendar also introduces new provisions such as the National Learning Camp (NLC), Centrally Managed Co-Curricular Activities, and Brigada Eskwela.

The issuance emphasized that from June 1 to 30, 2024, no voluntary or mandatory tasks or activities shall be assigned to teachers, allowing them to rest and prepare for the upcoming academic year.

This amendment, effective immediately upon approval and posting on the DepEd website, underscores the department's commitment to adaptability and responsiveness in ensuring the continuity of quality education amidst evolving circumstances.

  • Adjusted End of School Year (EOSY): May 31, 2024, Friday.
  • Deliberation of Awards and Recognition: To be concluded by three calendar days preceding the EOSY Rites.
  • EOSY Break: June 1 to July 26, 2024, Friday.

Additionally, adjustments are made to the Monthly School Calendar of Activities for School Year 2023-2024, as outlined below:

Quarterly Examination Dates:

  • Academic Quarter 3 - March 25-26, 2024
  • Academic Quarter 4 - May 16-17, 2024
New Provisions:
The following provisions are introduced for implementation in School Year 2023-2024:

SY 2024-2025 Dates:
The school year for 2024-2025 will commence on Monday, July 29, 2024, and conclude on Friday, May 16, 2025.

Teacher Tasks and Activities:
No voluntary or mandatory tasks or activities shall be assigned to teachers from June 1 to 30, 2024.

DepEd urges immediate dissemination and strict compliance with this Order to all concerned parties.

Amendment to DepEd Order No. 022, s. 2023 (Implementing Guidelines on the School Calendar and Activities for the School Year 2023–2024) DO_s2024_003 


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