WARNING! "New Year Greetings Messenger Virus" is spreading

WARNING! "New Year Greetings Messenger Virus" is spreading

New Year Greetings Messenger Virus is spreading exponentially. This particular New Year greetings via messenger scam is a malicious program that steals data.

Several netizens have received and notifications of a mail icon with the caption "I am send you a surprise message. Open this."

Cyber Security Philippines - Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT, a cybersecurity nonprofit firm from the Philippines warned the netizens against this kind of malicious and fraudulent Chistmas and New Year greetings sent through Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps.

The Facebook Page explained how the cyber attack is carried out.

It said recipients of the said surprise greetings received notifications via messenger and prompt the victim to click the link to view the message.

Once clicked, it redirects them  to different unsecured websites with variety of messages.

Victims are then prompted to enter some information, like data, while a malicious file runs on their device.

Malicious file or scripts from hackers conducts service execution and credential access, stealing the provided data, then sends similar message automatically to the user or victims' contacts.

You are strongly advised to ignore this kind of message and other similar scams.

To reduce the chance of cyber criminals gaining access to sensitive to your personal data,

Never click on suspicious links or download attachments from unknown sources.

CSP - CERT said the following websites are considered malicious:











If you previously opened this type of electronic message you MUST change your passwords immediately, especially your online banking services; reset your browsers and update your internet security software and scan your device.

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