No need for VP Sec. Sara Duterte to clarify RPMS suspension

No need for VP Sec. Sara Duterte to clarify RPMS suspension

There is no need for VP Sec. Sara Duterte to clarify the suspension of the Results-Based Performance Management System (RPMS). The suspension is clearly stated in Executive Order (EO) 61.

Should there be a need for further clarification, it should come from President Ferdinand 'Bongbong' Marcos Jr. (PBBM), as the confusion stemmed from his EO. His clarification will ensure a clear understanding of the situation.

While it is true that there are national, regional, and division memorandums instilling the submission of RPMS for evaluation, their basis in issuing memos or orders was dated before the release of the executive order and its effectivity date.

The EO 61 orders "all other relevant issuances related thereto, is hereby suspended immediately pending review of the RBPMS and PBI System."

All concerned agencies must endorse the said EO 61 to their subordinates or release clarification regarding its continuity or if they insist on continuing the RPMS requirements. Teachers need to clearly understand their duties and responsibilities, especially when there are policy changes.

School heads requiring their teachers to submit their portfolio for RPMS evaluation without any memorandum from the Schools Division Superintendent (SDS), who has direct supervision of them, should be held accountable and provide an explanation to avoid further confusion or misunderstandings.

Supporting this stance is the "Promotion of Professionalism in the Implementation and Delivery of Basic Education Programs and Services" outlined in DepEd Order No. 049, series of 2022, dated November 2, 2022. This order amends DepEd Order No. 047, series of 2022. It emphasizes the need to "follow the internal rules and regulations of the correspondence and other appropriate work processes."

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The key to successful policy implementation lies in the commitment of all parties involved, from the highest levels down to the schools, to uphold the principles of clear and transparent communication. This will pave the way for the smooth execution of policies and directives.

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