Malacañang clarifies memo declaring October 31, 2023, a non-working holiday

Malacañang clarifies memo declaring October 31, 2023, a non-working holiday

The Malacañang Palace has clarified the existence of a fake memorandum circulating online that claims October 31, 2023, as a non-working holiday. In an official statement, Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin labeled the memo as "fake news" and confirmed no plans to declare October 31 as a holiday.

The fraudulent memo had purported to suspend classes in public schools and work in government offices, including local government units and government financial institutions, starting at noon. However, the government clarified that agencies involved in delivering basic and health services, disaster preparedness/response, and vital services would continue to operate as usual.

The fake memo also stated that the decision to suspend work for private companies and classes in private schools would be at the discretion of their respective heads. This vague information had the potential to create confusion and disrupt daily operations for various organizations.

The incident underscores the challenges posed by misinformation in the digital age. It has prompted discussions on the importance of fact-checking and responsible media reporting.

While the fake memo might have seemed like a minor issue, its impact highlights the need for vigilance in verifying information sources and the responsibility of all parties, including the media, in preventing the spread of false information.

The Malacañang Palace reiterates its commitment to providing accurate and timely information to the public and advises citizens to rely on official government channels for authentic news and updates regarding holidays and other matters of public interest.

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