General Guidelines in the Accomplishement of the Electronic Schhool Form 7 (eSF7)

General Guidelines in the Accomplishement of the Electronic Schhool Form 7 (eSF7)

1. Consistent with DO 4, s. 2014 or the Adoption of the Modified School Forms (SFS) for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools Effective End of School Year 2013-2014, the electronic School Form 7 (eSF7) shall be accomplished at the Beginning of the School Year (BOSY) by the School Head. Non-teaching personnel shall assist the school head in accomplishing the form.

2. In addition to the submission at the BOSY, Senior High Schools shall also submit the updated form at the beginning of the Second Semester (Third Grading Period) to account for the changes in the subject assignments.

3. In case of personnel movement during the school year, an updated eSF7 shall be submitted to the Division Office. 4. All school personnel, regardless of position/nature of appointment, should be included in this form. The eSF7 automatically arranges the school personnel from the highest rank down to the lowest. This form shall also serve as an inventory list of school personnel.

5. Daily Program portion shall reflect the assigned workload of teaching personnel including subjects taught, advisory class (if applicable), and ancillary/administrative assignments.

6. Integrated schools with the same School ID shall accomplish only one (1) eSF7.

7. In the case of non-teaching personnel providing shared services, their information shall be reflected in their mother school only to avoid double entry.

8. In printing the electronic form, it shall be automatically formatted in a Legal or Folio size bond paper.

9. The accomplished electronic form including both the soft copy (Excel file) and the scanned copy duly signed by the School Head (PDF file) shall be submitted to the Division Office on or before the fourth Friday from the opening of classes

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