Grade 12 NAT for SY 2022-2023 Reviewers

Grade 12 NAT for SY 2022-2023 Reviewers, Administration

The Department of Education (DepEd) has announced that the National Achievement Test for Grade 12 (NATG12) for School Year (SY) 2022-2023 will be administered this month.

The conduct of the NAT for Grade 12 for this school year will be on January 30 and 31, 2023, according to DepEd Memorandum 001, s. 2023, which was released on January 5 by Usec. and Chief of Staff Epimaco Densing III.

"All Grade 12 students currently enrolled in public and private schools will take the test on paper," DepEd said.

In DO 029, s. 2022, "Adoption of the Basic Education Monitoring and Evaluation Framework," DepEd says it has to "identify and articulate indicators and targets for measuring performance in the development of plans and policies."

DepEd also said that these indicators would be used to "evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency" of how education services are given.

"The results of system assessments will be used as evidence and proxies to improve the implementation of curriculum, decision-making based on evidence, and monitoring and evaluating based on results."

DepEd said that the NATG12 is one of the "exit tests" in the K–12 Basic Education Program's national assessment framework.

"It is designed to determine if graduating learners are meeting the learning standards in the senior high school (SHS) curriculum," DepEd said.

DepEd also said that the results of the NATG 12 will show what percentage of Grade 12 students reached at least the minimum level of proficiency in the core areas of Stage 4 SHS out of the total number of Grade 12 students.

The test will include both 21st-century abilities and the key SHS subject areas of languages, humanities, communication, mathematics, science, social science, and philosophy, according to DepEd.

"The test design is progressive, wherein test items measure varying levels of skills," DepEd said. "The language of the assessment tool shall be English and Filipino while the test item format shall be multiple-choice," it added.

DepEd explained that the Bureau of Education Assessment (BEA) will manage the national implementation of the NATG12 with the assistance of the regional offices (ROs) and schools division offices (SDOs). BEA will also coordinate with the identified field-testing personnel to conduct a national conference and the administration of the NATG12, DepEd said.

"The NATG12 is one of the exit assessments under the national assessment framework of the K to 12 Basic Education Program. It is designed to determine if graduating learners are meeting the learning standards in the SHS curriculum," the memorandum stated.

"The result of the NATG12 provides data on the percentage of Grade 12 learners attaining at least the minimum level of proficiency in the Stage 4 SHS core areas over the total number of Grade 12 learners," said the memo.

Each learner will be provided a certificate with their actual rating per subject area.

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