How to check status of DepEd Sim

How to check status of DepEd Sim

On July 28, 2021, we received an information that all recipients of Deped simcards are advised to register again to for activation and write their received SIM Card number at the "Work Phone Number" field. 

The said information was also posted in several Official SDO Pages.

Here's a copy of the information:

To All SIM CARD Recipients:

Per instruction from DepEd ICTS-User Support Division, Central Office. After receiving your SIM Cards, please register "AGAIN" to for activation and write your (received) SIM Card number at the "Work Phone Number" field.

SIM Cards which are not registered will not be loaded for the second month.

For your information and guidance.

Thank you very much!

On July 31, Mr. Mark Anthony Papa of the DepEd Edtech Unit posted in his Facebook Pagean update regarding the reregistration of DepEd SIM to

Mr. Papa shared a screenshot of an email and the reply sent by Sir Marco Polo Victoriano to DepEd cares.

Full Text of the email:
Hi. Good day to you!
I just want to clarify some things with regards to the sim cards we received.
1. Do we have to re-register to the upon receiving the sim card?
2. When will our data plan will be replenished?
3. How much data allocation can we use per month and for how many months?

I apologize for any inconvenience that I may cause. Thank you in advance.

Reply from Deped Care
Magandang Gabi!
1. No need to re-register again on, the work phone number and personal phone number is for contact purposes only.
2. You will know that you have received the next load via SMS notification. Advising the data amount and the coverage date of the data allocation.
3. The data allocation for DepEd349 is 4GB open access, you can access all website and applications, and your 1GB daily wallet that will replenish every 12MN and you can access Google, Youtube, Office 365 and any DepEd apps.

Thank you and stay safe, 
JayAr - DepEd Care

"Sa mga nagttry magregister ulit heto po ang sagot from DepEd Care. Thanks sir Marco Paolo for sharing," said Papa.

"You may also confirm by sending an email to," he added.

Check the usage status of your DepEd Sim Card

It is already August and it is expected that recipients receive already their load for this month.

DepEd Memorandum stated that "All sim cards will be activated with an initial 34GB load on 30 June 2021, which will be usable for one year. Sim cards which are not registered on the website will not be loaded for the second month."

However, according to DepEd Care there is no need to re-register again.

Now, let us check if we received already our data allocation for the month of August.

You can do this by dialing *123*8*3#.

You should received a notification that you have a remaining "Study Anywhere MB" that will expire on August 2, 2021, 12:00AM.

You can also check the status of your DepEd SIM using GigaLife. The screenshots using GigaLife below shows the difference between with and without 1GB Study Anywhere MB.

DepEd SIM is loaded with Study Anywhere

Without Study Anywhere MB


krammyjade said...

Hello, anyone reading this please?
May I ask what to do if the SIM card from DepEd lost?

Unknown said...

Good day! May I ask what to do if my DepEd Sim Card was stolen with my phone. Thank you

Unknown said...

Good day, how to activate my simcard? Please help. Thanks

Unknown said...

Good day, anyone reading my comment? Please help, how to activate my simcard? Thanks

Unknown said...

Kapag nawala po, pagawa po kayo ng affidavit of loss tpos dapat notarized. Kailangan ng SMART store yung sim tray ng simcard for authenticity n kyo tlga ang may ari. Pwede rin ipakita ang giga life sa phone kung naregister n ninyo.

Unknown said...

Good day.I have already registered my Sim,updated my profile but how come I was not able to receive any load for almost 5 mons.pls help