SEES Teachers Manual Free Download

SEES Teachers Manual Free Download

SEES stands for Supporting, Enabling, and Empowering (SEE) Students. This manual was prepared and produced by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation in partnership with Philippines’ Department of Education and Psychological Association of the Philippines.

This publication is one of the accomplishments of the project “Emergency Psycho-social Support for Secondary School-aged Students Affected by Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.” This manual benefited heavily from the inputs shared by the participants in the series of stakeholders’ meetings and pilot teachers’ training as well as in the national-training workshop. We thank all the participants of the meetings and trainings for the valuable thoughts and comments they shared on that occasion.
Teachers are tasked to ensure the formation of students. Although learning sessions typically seeks to develop psycho-motor, affective, and cognitive skills, students are unable to learn and perform if they have psycho-emotional problems. Hence, your role is to be the partner of school heads, parents, medical doctors, and nurses and other teachers in ensuring that student survivors are given the psycho-social support they need in order for them to become resilient. This will enable students to better bounce back into their role as a student and make your job as a teacher easier and more meaningful. In addition, those who have undergone these modules as part of their training have reported greater confidence in their own ability to cope as well as in their ability to help others (PAP, 2015). In the facilitators’ training, you will learn how to detect signs of stress within yourself, manage your stress through deep breathing exercises, reframe your own thoughts in order to see things more positively, focus on positive activities, and plan for the future. All of these are coping skills that can be used individually as 13 well as taught to students, family members, friends, colleagues, and community members.

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