Where to get official DepEd Modules for SY 2020-2021

Where to Download Official DepEd Self Learning Modules for SY 2020-2021

General Directions in Using a Module

To help you attain the objectives of this module, you may try following the steps below:
1. First, read carefully each lesson in the module. Should there be times that you need to read again parts of the lesson, go ahead.

2. Second, answer the pre-assessment test or pretest. It is expected that some parts may be unfamiliar to you as new lessons will be learned in the module.

3. Third, read and follow instructions carefully and honestly.

4. Fourth, do not hesitate to answer all the activities in the module. Your teacher will be glad to answer your queries.

5. Fifth, you may check answers to each activity. An Answer Key is provided in the last part of the module.

And lastly, read the Summary carefully so you will not miss any important concepts in the module.

Where to get the modules for the Alternative Delivery Mode - LOOK HERE


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Yes, grade 10 and grade 7 Science

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Business Mathematics Module 5 onwards for the whole Q1 until the next quarter,,sana available

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