Submission of Office Workweek Plan and Individual Workweek Accomplishment Report

Submission of Office Workweek Plan and Individual Workweek Accomplishment Report

Telecommuting is an alternative work arrangement that allows employees to work from home or other off-site locations; provided that personnel must be readily accessible during working hours and must be able to respond to directives, requests, and queries through agreed modes of communication with their immediate supervisor. Personnel who will not form part of the office-assigned officers and personnel based on the office workweek plan, including the exemptions enumerated above, shall render services through telecommuting arrangements.

A Workweek Plan (see sample template 1 below) indicating the consolidated individual staff schedule for both office-assigned and telecommuting personnel shall be submitted by division chiefs or unit heads, subject to the approval of the Head of office.

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The workweek plan shall specify each personnel's office work and scheduled telecommuting arrangement with period of hours per day indicated.

Individual Workweek Accomplishment Report (see attached template 2 below) is a monitoring and reporting mechanism to validate performance of assigned work and functions, and ensure deliver of committed essential services and priority programs.

Sample Individual Workweek Accomplishment Report in Microsoft Word Format - DOWNLOAD

Individual Workweek Accomplishment Report

Each personnel shall submit at the end of each week an Individual Workweek Accomplishment Report reflecting their actual days of attendance to work (on-site and off-site) and time log per day with corresponding weekly output.

Read Source: DM No. 43, s 2020

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