Francis Manga: Baby face Teacher

Francis Manga: Baby face Teacher

Meet Francis Manga, the Baby face Teacher of San Jose Del Monte Bulacan.

Based on a report by Stand for Truth, Ian Francis Manga, is a teacher in San Jose Del Monte Bulacan in charge of the Kindergarten and Grade 2 levels.  He often often mistaken as a student in the school of which he's a member of faculty because of his young face.

From the report, he was a sickly child growing up, which he thinks might be the cause of delay in his growth.

Ian said he did not experience any signs of puberty unlike his classmates in his high school.

"Pati 'yong look ko din wala eh. Pati buhok ko wala eh — wala sa kilikili, wala sa bigote," Ian said.

"Hindi po ako na-bully kasi I was friendly. Pala-kaibigan po ako sa kaklase ko. Minsan nabu-bully rin mga hindi ko naman kakilala, kakantahan ka ng mga bulilit. Eh wag mong pansinin," he added.

Ian was 22 years old when he passed the licensure exam for teachers and soon began his career.