Call Parent and Home Visit Forms

Call Parent and Home Visit Forms 

Do you have learners who have been absent for several days or weeks?
This is one of the major problems of most most teachers, isn't it?
The responsibility is thrown back to advisers and this is a big challenge to them.

Conducting  Home Visitation
Reaching the parents or guardian of the learners by phone or social media might help but according to the Department of Education, conducting a home visit is the most effective way in making students come back to school.

Home visitation is basically teachers visiting learners in their homes and talk with the parents to identify the problems why their child is no longer attending school.

By home visitation, we can gather more of our students and their family background. 

Attached here is sample letter to the principal asking for permission to conduct home visitation.   

You can download home visit forms from the links below.  You need this form accomplished and approved by your school head before you conduct a home visit. We also included call parent form just in case to invite parents to school to discuss matters regarding their children.

Home Visit Form - DOWNLOAD
Home Visit Record DOWNLOAD
Call Parent Form DOWNLOAD