RPMS Portfolio Covers and Contents Complete Package

RPMS Portfolio Covers and Contents Package (Key Result Areas (KRAs), Objectives and Mode of Verification and Forms)

The Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers, which is built on NCBTS, complements the reform initiatives on teacher quality from pre-service education to in-service training.

It articulates what constitutes teacher quality in the K to 12 Reform through well-defined Domains, Strands, and Indicators that provide measures of professional learning, competent practice, and effective engagement. 

This set of standards makes explicit what teachers should know, be able to do and value to achieve competence, improved student learning outcomes, and eventually quality education. 

It is founded on teaching philosophies of learner-centeredness, lifelong learning, and inclusivity/inclusiveness, among others. The Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers, therefore, becomes a public statement of professional accountability that can help teachers reflect on and assess their own practices as they aspire for personal growth and professional development.

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