Prescribed e-IPCR Form for Sy 2019-2020

Prescribed e-IPCR Form for Sy 2019-2020

By using this tool, you agree to authorize the Department of Education to collect, process, retain, and dispose of your personal information in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

Part I shall be accomplished by the Rater during the Phase Ill: Performance Review and Evaluation of the RPMS Cycle.

Fill in empty cells (white) with needed information about the teacher, school and division.

COT Rating

Encode the COT rating per observation period by doing the following steps:
I ) Select the subject for COT; 2) Input the COT rating per objective; and 3) Lock COT once finished.

QET Rating
Once all available COT ratings are inputted, encode your rating for Efficiency and Timeliness.

Note: This form automatically transmutes the COT rating to its corresponding in the RPMS 5-point scale.

When COT and QET ratings are encoded, click Finalize Part I. Give the file copy to the teacher concerned. The teacher shall accomplish Parts.

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