PBB FY 2022 Update:as of June 26

PBB FY 2022 Update:as of June 26

The PBB Secretariat's latest update to the Teachers' Dignity Coalition (TDC) indicated that "for FY 2022 the review and validation are still ongoing. Rest assured that we will send the results or updates to the focal person/s once approved/signed." Although no specific date was given, this indicates progress and that the DepEd has passed the initial validation stage, making teachers eligible for the PBB. The next step involves further validation by the secretariat, region by region.

The TDC has reiterated its stance that the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) is a benefit rooted in an unjust policy. According to TDC, this policy exacerbates the difficulties faced by teachers due to the Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF) and Organizational Performance Commitment and Review Form (OPCRF), based on the Results-Based Performance Management System (RPMS). Notably, Executive Order No. 61 is set to suspend RPMS starting in 2024.

Evidence of these issues includes the consistent delays in PBB distribution since its inception. For example, the 2021 PBB was only disbursed in July 2023, and this was limited to the National Capital Region, with other regions receiving it even later. Furthermore, the 2022 PBB remains undelivered as of late June 2024.

TDC continues to engage with government agencies, particularly the PBB Secretariat, which handles PBB details. The Department of Education (DepEd) submits the necessary requirements, and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) releases the funds.

This PBB might be the last if the Technical Working Group under EO 61 decides to remove it. TDC hopes that any future benefits will not include burdensome requirements and calls for increasing benefits like the Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI) and the Service Recognition Incentive (SRI) without making teachers' lives more difficult.

TDC advocates for scrapping the RPMS and reverting to the simpler Performance Appraisal System for Teachers (PAST). TDC argues that the current system, with its emphasis on documentation and measurable outputs, has led to a decline in educational quality. Teachers are now more focused on paperwork than on teaching effectively and with passion.

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