Advisers not required to submit list of honors, no advance checking

Advisers are not required to submit a list of honors, no advance checking

"We can already identify the honors using the learner's general average reported in School Form 5 (SF 5) ot Report on Promotion and Learning Progress & Achievement prepared by advisers every end of the school year."

A member asked the admin of a Facebook group, "Sir Jonas Diche bakit po sa amin palagi na lang advance ang checking of forms? Checking na po namin ng June 16-17 kasi submission na po ng list of honors by June 20. Lagi po kaming maaga. Dapat po tapos na kaming mag-check before ang recognition or completion schedule."

"I am thinking kung nakatulog po ba ang nagpapa submit ng list of honors, bakit po kaya hindi yata aware sa DO 4, 2014 (8 years na pinatutupad) at DO 11, 2018 na no need na to submit list of honors, SF5 na po yan, " replied Sir Jonathan Diche, admin of School Forms Reengineering Team (SFRT) Facebook group.

Sir Diche also clarified that the School Form 9 (SF 9) or Progress Report Card and the number of school days are not included in the checking of school forms.

"Kasama po ba sa scope ng checking ang number of school days na nasa SF9? Hindi po. Sa Bagong SF10 na gingamit ngayong SY2021-2022 (maliban sa Grade 6) wala na din ang school days na ito kaya wala nang dahilan para i check ito sa Checking of School Forms dahil hindi naman kailangan i check ang attendance ng learners sa updated checking of school forms guidelines ng DO 11, 2018," Diche clarified.

"Pansinin kung anu ano lamang SFs ang i checheck ng DCC as per DO 11, 2018," said Diche.

"Ang SF9 ay gagamitin lamang kung ang SF10 at SF5 ay hindi mag matched, kailangan tingnan ang SF9 pero kung wala ng copy ng SF9 (maaring na bigay na sa parent/learner bago ang checking) gagamitin ang Class Record para i-validate kung alin ang tamang grades," said Diche.

Here is the full text of the thread started by Sir Diche in the SFRT FB Group he managed.

"School or Division Checking Committee member ka ba? Gentle reminder lang po na ang start ng checking activities po ay after ng End of Academic Quarter 4 (June 24) as per DO 29, 2021. Wala pong advance checking na gagawin or ahead sa school calendar schedule (DO 11, 2018). Kaya kung mag checheck po tayong mas maaga sa schedule, baka po hindi pa prepared ang mga class advisers natin dahil alam din po nila ang schedule ng checking as per national policy. Napansin natin, hindi lang checker ang nagche-check ngayon, pati adviser nag oobserve na din kung ang mga checkers ay updated at kung nasusunod ba nila ang national policy."

Sir Diche also reiterated that instead of advance checking, which is not in the policy, SCC may have additional members if they want the reading of forms done on time.

"Nag worry ang SCC na baka hindi matapos ang checking on time kaya gusto mag advance. Bakit kaya hindi sila mag dagdag ng members?" said Diche.
Composition of the School Checking Committee (SCC)

There is an advantage if the school Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) team (if already functional) shall be included in the membership of the SCC. Schools with three (3) or more sections in each grade level may organize sub committees comprised of the class advisers and other subject teachers.

DM37s2022_PPT_PS Policies on Enrolment, Transfer of Docs, Checking  of School Forms and SF10 as of May 2022 -PowerPoint Presentation - DOWNLOAD

DepEd Order 29, s 2021 - School Calendar and Activities for School Year 2021-2022 


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