Google Workspace Master Trainer Program

Google Workspace Master Trainer Program

Join the official culminating activity of the NEAP | DepEd - User Division’s Master Trainer Program, which aims to provide tools and develop skills necessary to support 21st-century learning and development. This year's program is taking a more holistic approach to professional development, with expanded offerings that integrate essential soft skills with technical tools for better productivity and enhanced professional development for our educators.

Attached is OUA MEMO-00-0322-0197 dated 24 March 2022, titled "Google Workspace Training Program" also known as the Master Trainer Program (MTP) which invites everyone to join a one-day Free Virtual Culminating Event on March 31, 2022.

OUA MEMO 00-0322-0197
24 March 2022


Regional Directors and BARM Minister of Education
Schools Division Superintendents
Public School Heads
Regional and Division Information Technology Officers
All Others Concerned


Culminating Activity - MTP 2021: KATUPARAN

In relation to OUA MEMORANDUM 00-1221-0030 titled Google Workspace Training Program, also known as the Master Trainer Program (MTP) 2021, issued last 02 December 2021, please be advised that a one-day Virtual Culminating Event will be held on 31 March 2022 (Thursday). (Please see attached.)

The occasion is dubbed 'MTP 2021: KATUPARAN.' It aims to:

1. Present program statistics and accomplishments.

2. Recognize the participants' learning milestones.

3. Underscore the importance of adoption of technologies into the day-to-day strategic work of participants and their organizations.

4. Demonstrate how participants can use Google Workspace for Education guides for their students, co-teachers and stakeholders.

5. Highlight the fulfillment (KATUPARAN) and the professional development gained from the Master Trainer Program, in addition to the Service Credits & Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units that the courses provide to the participants.

The event will call on educators and stakeholders to be:

Kabilang- to be counted as integral members of the education sector.

Katuwang-to be active partners in the quest for professional development.

Kalakbay- to be a part of the journey towards academic excellence for educators and learners.

The first half of the event will be a live-streamed ceremony from 9:00 am to 12:00 nn. In the afternoon, participants may visit interactive breakout rooms, namely:

The Kabilang Room

It highlights the MTP 2021 training journey of participants, their accomplishments/milestones they and their SDOs achieved.

The Katuwang Room

Presents the profile of program proponents (National Educators' Academy of the Philippines or NEAP and the Information and Communications Technology Service - User Support Division or ICTS-USD) and organizer of QSR software training.

Features short learning sessions from partners on technological and essential tools for 21st Century Learning such as Google's Be Internet Awesome Program; Chromebook - the World's Most Preferred Student Device; Google Educators Group (GEG), a DepEd-recognized Professional Learning Community; and Strengths-Based Development, Goal Setting for Empowerment and Virtual Event Technologies for the New Normal.

The Kalakbay Room

Gives an update on the professional development plans of the program proponents and an introduction to Master Trainer Program 2022.

The Kamustahan Room

Provides a venue for sharing knowledge and social interaction among the MTP 2021 trainees, participants, organizers and partners.

Since the production is filled with numerous activities, a complete rundown of the program is shown in Annex A.

Moreover, a Virtual Photo Booth and periodic raffle draws will be set up. The Office of Undersecretary for Administration (OUA) is inviting you to attend the event.

The following DepEd personnel are also urged to join:

Colleagues from Schools Division Offices (SDOs) and schools
Other SDOS and K-12 teachers and teaching-related personnel
School administrators

Interested participants in this may register at:

For correspondences and concerns, please contact, Ms. Nina Rica Bernas at (02) 8633-7264 or email at

For immediate dissemination.


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