Implementation of 2020 Salary Increase, new Teacher IV-VII Positions

Salary increase in new Salary Standardization Law (SSL V)

Senator Ralph G. Recto filed a Senate Bill No. 49 or the Salary Standardization Law V, adjusting the salary schedule of civilian personnel in the government and other purposes over a period of three tranches or 3 years.

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Senate Bill No. 49 or the Salary Standardization Law V, which Recto filed on July 1, 2019, seeks to introduce reforms in the government's compensation system to make it competitive with the private sector, and to boost the employees' morale and productivity.

If passed into law, the first tranche of the adjustment under the SSL V will take effect on January 1, 2020, with the subsequent tranche to begin in January 1, 2021, and the final tranche slated for January 1, 2022.

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This means that under the bill, a Teacher I or salary grade 11 with a monthly salary of P 20,754 will receive P27,624 after the last tranche of the bill is implemented by 2022.

Similarly, Teacher 2 (SG12) - P30,530, Teacher 3 (SG13) - 33,584, MT 1 (SG18) - P54,088 and MT 2 (SG19) - P60,253 will be adjusted accordingly.

The table shows the new Salary Standardization Law (SSL V) Schedule from Senate Bill 49. Please click image to enlarge.

Creating Teacher IV-VII positions, with the Salary Grades 14-17 respectively

"Most teachers are in three salary grades: Teacher I (Salary Grade 11), Teacher II (SG 12), and Teacher III (SG 13). The next set of salary grades is Master Teacher I (SG 18), II (SG 19), III (SG 20) with a salary gap of P15,000 and a salary-grade gap of four places," he added.

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"Many are stranded for years, or even forever, in deadend positions where promotion is delayed or impossible because of missing rungs in the DepEd career ladder," Recto said as he calls for the creation of more salary grade.
"How? By creating Teacher IV, V, VI, VII positions, with the Salary Grades 14, 15, 16, 17 respectively. The basic starting monthly pay of the proposed Teacher IV, based on the current payscale, is P27,755; Teacher V, P30,531; Teacher VI, 33,584; and Teacher VII, P36,942," he said.

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