Across-the-board salary hike for gov't workers pushed

Across-the-board salary hike for gov't workers pushed

Administration and opposition congressmen called for an across-the-board wage increase for all government workers instead of limiting the pay adjustment to only public school teachers on Wednesday. 

Bayan Muna Rep. Ferdinand Gaite warned against possible wage distortion in government service if salary hikes will be granted only to public school teachers, instead of all government workers.

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Gaite said adjustment in salaries of state workers should be applied to all, instead of limiting such benefit to public school teachers.

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Rep. Rufus Rodriguez. Chairman of the House Committee on Constitutional Reform, shared the same view as he batted for across-the-board salary adjustment to help government employees counteract the effects of rising cost of living.

“I would prefer salary increases for all government workers. However, if government does not have enough money, we can start adjusting pay for teachers and nurses,” said Rodriguez.

The stand of the two lawmakers is supported by a recent Pulse Asia survey that indicated that 77 percent of Filipinos, aged 18 years old and above, are in favor of full coverage of salary adjustments to all workers in the public sector.

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