2 day menstruation leave bill per month, filed in congress

2-day menstruation leave bill per month, filed in congress

A bill for two days of menstrual leave per month, allowing female workers nationwide to enjoy monthly menstrual leave, has been filed in congress.

Rep. Ma. Alana Samantha Talio-Santos of the 3rd District of Cotabato stated in her filed House Bill (HB) No. 6728 that if it has been approved in Spain, Japan, South Korea, and other countries, why can't we also put it into effect in the Philippines.

The bill seeks to provide female employees with two days of menstrual leave every month.

In addition to Spain, Santos emphasized that the aforementioned menstrual leave has long been granted in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, and even Zambia, an African nation.

Bill 6728 states that female employees should not be dismissed, demoted, or subjected to discrimination due to such menstruation leaves. If it becomes a law, any employer who disobeys it faces a 50,000 fine or up to six months in jail.

Lady Solon emphasized that even though certain businesses in the nation do not permit menstruation leaves, they will still be included in the sick leave that employees are entitled to.

The House Committee on Labor and Employment will hear the above proposal immediately.

Spain was the first European nation to authorize a 3-5 day absence for medical reasons for women experiencing dysmenorrhea due to menstruation.

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