Free Skilling Summit 2022 with Certificate for CPD

Free Skilling Summit 2022 with Certificate for CPD

Grab this opportunity to step into a brighter, digital future!

Join the PHILIPPINE SKILLING SUMMIT 2022, presented by DICT, CIBO, and Microsoft, powered by Go Philippines, on JUNE 6 to 8 (Mon-Wed), 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Learn from industry experts, leaders, and innovators for a 3-day discussion on skills that will dominate the future. earn a certificate for every completed learning track.

Earn a certificate for every completed learning track. Reserve your online seat now!


June 6 Topics Discussion

Key Note Speech:
Digital Transformation and Citizenship

Internet of Things Track:
Connect with Azure IoT

Power Platform Track:
Explore Microsoft Power Platform

Education 4.0 Track:
Develop Strategies to support Student-centred Learning

SQL Server Azure Track:
Putting it all together with Azure SQL

Dynamics 365 Track:
Learn and Explore Dynamics 365

Mixed Reality Track:
Transform in to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Advanced Emerging Technologies' Challenges and Opportunities

Development Journey and Self-Development

June 7 Discussion Topics

Key Note Speech:
Future of Payments

Data Analytics Track:
Learn Data Analytics with Microsoft Azure and Power BI

Windows 11 Track:
Explore the Windows Client

Artificial Intelligence Track:
What is AI and its implications

Robotics Track:
Simulating the World with Microsoft Robotics Studio

Agile Methodologies Track:
Adapting Agile Culture

Blockchain Technology Track:
Get Started with Blockchain Development

Digital Identity and Security

Why is Cyber Security important more than ever before?

June 8 Discussion Topics

Key Note Speech:
AI and Future of Jobs

Big Data Track:
Understand Big Data Engineering

Logistics 4.0 Track:
Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management

Computer-assisted Education Track:
AI Business School for Education

Quantum Computing Track:
Learn Quantum Computing Foundations

Office 365 Track:
Get Started with Microsoft 365 and Windows

Gaming Technology Track:
Explore Microsoft Esports Learning Academy

Future Ready Skills and Career Development

Plan your Future with Career Center


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