DepEd schedules school break in public schools nationwide

DepEd schedules school break in public schools nationwide

Students in the basic education level in public schools nationwide will have their semestral break starting Monday, January 31, according to the Department of Education (DepEd).

Based on the DepEd School Calendar and Activities for School Year (SY) 2021-2022, the Mid-year break is scheduled from January 31 to February 5.

While learners are on break, they will not be required to attend classes on their semestral vacation.

The week-long break takes place after the Second Quarter.

During the mid-year break, students who could comply with their school requirements will be on school break. 

However, those who need to submit other school work may use this time to comply with their academic requirements.

Classes will resume on February 7.

List of Areas with declared Academic Health Break and class suspensions

Several local government units and schools have declared health breaks and/or class suspensions in their areas due to the surge in COVID-19 cases their area is experiencing and in consideration of teachers' and learners' health and well-being.

Earlier, the Department of Education (DepEd), through the Curriculum and Instruction Strand, issued DM-CI-2022-009 or the Reiteration of the Policy on Academic Ease and Allowing the Suspension of Classes and other Teaching-Related Activities in the Midst of the Surge in COVID-19 Cases dated January 12. The DepEd urged all Regional Offices (RO) and/or Schools Division Offices (SDO) to exercise discretion in suspending classes and other teaching-related activities as the country experiences an alarming surge in COVID-19 cases and in consideration of teachers' and learners' health and well-being.

"Given the varying health situations in different areas, the ROS/SDOS are given the option, based on their reliable assessment of the health status of their teachers and learners and the IATF risk classification, to declare the suspension of classes within the month of January 2022. The ROs/SDOS shall decide on the specific dates and number of days for the suspension of classes as long as the period of class suspension does not exceed two (2) weeks in order to avoid a prolonged disruption in the current school calendar." said the memo.

Classes in several areas were SUSPENDED in  ALL LEVELS in consideration of our teachers’ and learners’ health and well-being due to the COVID-19 surge.

DepEd in a memorandum also reminded school leaders and teachers that, "during the suspension of classes, all synchronous and asynchronous classes shall be put on hold while submission of academic requirements and conduct of other teaching-related activities must be moved to a later date." READ MEMO

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